English Kindergarten MALÍČKOV s.r.o.



A class of the English kindergarten MALÍČKOV

MALÍČKOV s.r.o. has been active in childcare since 2007. Since then we have gained useful experience which we would like to put in our further practice. On the basis of the satisfaction of the parents and their positive response, we have opened a new branch of the day care centre with a prestigious English kindergarten MŠ MALÍČKOV s.r.o.

The English class for children aged 2 to 7 has been open since September 2012. The capacity of the class is from 5 children (the minimum) to 10 children (the maximum). An educational programme using special didactic material in English is offered.

The class is focused on learning English; Oxford University methodology, didactic tools and games in English are used. Of course, we pay attention to the quality of education and the shaping of a child´s personality in all it respects (We try hard to prepare the children for the entry to the primary school and for their life).

Children are looked after by an experienced pre-school teacher who talks to them fluently in English and who can be assisted by a Czech native teacher so that a kind of symbiosis similar to that of bilingual families is created; children are encouraged, they feel confident, and they also cultivate the Czech language. Children start to understand and perceive English as a natural language and later they start to speak it naturally.

The whole programme is based on Montessori principles and everything is carried out in the form of entertaining games and activities.